Janice Caplan

Professional experience : HR and talent management consultant, coach-mentor, conference presenter, guest lecturer, published author.

Background : Formerly, HR director financial services, governing board member and HR Chair, University of Portsmouth, Visiting Professor, University of West London Business School, Vice-President, CIPD – UK’s professional HR institute.

Qualifications : MBA Hon., Masters Degree in Human Resource Development, , British Psychological Society certification, fluent  Italian, and French, proficient Spanish.

Organisation: Co-lead The Scala Group, London-based HR consultancy specialising in talent management. Scala comprises a multi-disciplinary team of qualified HR professionals, coaches, psychologists, learning specialists, and business leaders.  Clients include large international, household names, as well as small businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Publications: Strategic Talent Development, 2014, Kogan Page, The Value of Talent, 2011, Kogan Page, Coaching for the Future, 2006, CIPD